Night Of Apokaliptic Black Death


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Misanthropic Assault Productions with cooperation of 1664Music

proudly presents :

Night Of Apokaliptic Black Death


Nambucca | 596 Holloway Road | London

NahemiA -
NahemiA was given birth to invigorate the black flame of hate in it’s magnificence, spreading ruthless and dark opus among the scene since 2013

Plus Special Guests -

Necronautical -

Agrona -

Sufferer -

Tickets - £6
**No tickets will be despatched, once purchased please bring either a copy of the receipt or id .
**Physical tickets will be available to obtain on the day of event at the venue

***Tickets purchased for 29th of September are still valid for 28th. Full refund is offered to anyone who is not able to attend the revised date. Please contact - ***